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Rely on our Greensboro, NC roofing contractors for roof repair

Your roof isn't in the best condition. There are leaks and missing shingles, and the flashing around your chimney is damaged. Work with Roofing Renovations, Inc. of Greensboro, NC to confront these issues. We will come out and provide a free roof inspection and provide you with repair estimate. We're also happy to coordinate with your homeowners insurance adjuster to ensure your claim is paid. We can replace the broken shingles, stop the leaks and get your roof back to an ideal condition.

You can reach us at 336-541-8044 to learn more about our roofing repair services.

3 consequences of leaving your roof unrepaired

If you notice that your roof is damaged, it's important to have it repaired as soon as possible. Here are a few results of letting your roof go unrepaired:

  1. The structure of your home could be weakened by rot and rust
  2. Your belongings and furniture could be ruined by water damage caused by a leaky roof
  3. Your home could become infested with insects and other pests

Refer to Roofing Renovations, Inc. when your roof needs repair. Call us today to schedule a free roof repair estimate. We work with most homeowner's insurance companies to insure your roofing insurance claims are paid.